Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The title of this post isn't here... or is it?

I want to write so very badly but my kids won't cut me any slack. They are yelling, beating each other up, flushing Mr. Incredible down the toilet... you get the picture.

I was going to write up my super exciting visit to the Doc yesterday - but 1) see previous two sentences, and 2) I am still debating whether or not I want to share with the vast internets about a "female visit" to the doctor. It was a great (please read "great" with a great deal of sarcasm or false excitement for true Janelle flavor) appointment. Parking wars, old men gumming their lips, and office workers trying to catch birds. This is the stuff of greatness!

I've had the pleasure of renewing a friendship this last week or so. The good thing is - hey! good friends are hard to come by(and don't I know it!)! The bummer of it though is that our friendship is being rekindled because of mutual yuckiness. I'm not saying that it isn't or won't be a good friendship. It's just that I'm sad that we even have that in common to talk about and deal with. I am so excited for her though! God is doing great things in her and in the life of her family. God is so faithful.

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