Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pondering and Other Things

I am seriously considering writing a review on the book I'm reading right now. I am on a reading binge at the moment and I can't be too picky about what comes my way (free is free, baby!). The book is titled Dark Tort. That's right - it combines both lawyers AND cooking. Two of my favorite things! Well, I honestly don't have anything against lawyers (Hi Sara!) but I... um.. there is a reason I'm not one. Mostly legalese just confuses me.

So... yeah. Anyway. Liam is much improved. He has actually allowed us to sleep uninterrupted for 2 nights now!

My sister and her family were out most of the day yesterday so all 3 families (-2 dads and 1 Grandma) went to the dollar theater to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets (again! in the same week! most people wouldn't enjoy that - but the kids* were thrilled.). After that my brother-in-law and I took about 9 kids back to the house while my sisters enjoyed the goodness that is Trader Joe's for a while. We all (-1 dad) then met up at the bestest new food place that we have discovered upon our return to the Food Promised Land California, Pick Up Stix! (If you live nearby one and haven't tried it out - just go! Seriously.) A good time was had by all and I think most everyone was stuffed - even the more picky of eaters were happy.

*I once again must disclose that Liam was less than impressed with the movie. With the exception of the Disney Short that the movie started with. Although in all honesty he wasn't really that impressed with that either. He just wanted to be free. Free to be himself. Free to roam the theater. (If you were at that 12:50 showing - I'm totally sorry) There were cousins to visit with. There was an Aunt who's (2/3 Diet) Coke needed to be shared. There was his mother's Jr. Mints to steal. Don't worry about his mom though, she's not bitter.

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