Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of Baseball, Poppies and Other Things

We decided to make use of our Saturday.

We awoke bright and early (what? 9am is early!) ready to tackle the world. Jon lovingly stroked my face and said "lets go to C-2's baseball game". I was, of course, overjoyed at the thought of rolling out of bed and heading out of the house with our 4 munchkins in tow. To a place with wide open spaces, with room for Liam to be free (I believe we may have already discussed his desire to be free as a wild monkey bird). Well, once again in the interest of honesty, the word donuts might have been whispered in my ear a time or two - maybe even three.

So we got ourselves out of the house, liberated some donuts and hit the ballgame. All in time to watch the last inning of the game. Out of respect for the families who are there to support their kids we try not to attend whole games. Total change of subject or direction or whatever... Especially when they are held inside! D-2 plays volleyball and we attended a number of games last season - if there wasn't an amazing array of snacks and treats for the whole game - well, we spent a lot of time apologizing to the people on the bleachers in front of us. And in back of us. Quite possibly to the sides of us too.

So yeah... back to baseball. They lost. And then my sister-in-law had snack bar duty - the time and energy it takes to have kids in sports! I really don't know how they deal with it all!

So after a quick lunch we made the decision to make the trek to see the poppies. Or if you are Luc - "poppy flowers"! For those of you who don't know - there is only one place left where you can go and see fields of poppy flowers. Located in the Antelope Valley is the California Poppy Reserve. From the middle of March to May(ish) the hillsides bloom with orange flowers. From a distance it looks like someone spray painted the hills with orange paint. My children might disagree if you ask them though. I was thoroughly rebuffed when I shared that thought with them. Anyway. It was a little windy, but beautiful to see up close.



They're everywhere!

We finished up our day with a wonderful evening at Family "C's" house. (Jon's sister and family) We had a great dinner, watched the Dodgers on T.V. and got to visit with our Sadie. Sadie has gotten fat. I think she is enjoying her new living arrangement - even Bandit the energetic puppy. At least that's what we're telling her. Not sure if she agrees about Bandit or not.

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