Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The one with the T.V. and Movies

So I couldn't sleep last night. I didn't even bother with going through the motions of turning the T.V. off and doing the tossing and turning thing. I just watched late night T.V. Some of the commercials killed me. There is a new Pepsi Max commercial... alas, I'm not writing about commercials (this time). I watched Without A Trace. Yes, I know it isn't late night, but I'm coming from Central Time Zone baby! Everything is an hour later here. I watched Scrubs. I probably watched some other stuff too. What stood out for me though, was Friends.

I don't think I really watched that last season, but I had the pleasure of catching an episode that originally aired in February of '04. Aptly titled The One Where The Stripper Cries. (I'm going to go ahead and tell those of you who are offended by the title of this episode to just go ahead and click on that little arrow that will take you back to where you came from. Please do come back and visit another day.) I laughed until I had tears in my eyes - it was exactly what I needed. I mean, how can you go wrong with Danny DeVito playing a stripper? That's dressed up like a cop? That ends up crying? Joey being a celebrity contestant on Pyramid? Chandler and Ross freaking out over who kissed Rachel first? Flashbacks of a "fat" Monica, Flock of Seagulls hair wearing Chandler, pre-nose job Rachel, and a frankly scary looking Ross?

That's right! YOU CAN'T!

It was awesome! So I will share with you my favoritest, most bestest quotes:

Joey: Hey, guys...
Monica: Wait! Let me tell them!
Joey: Sure.
Monica: Joey's going to be a celebrity guest on a game show!
Ross: Really? Which one?
Monica: Uh... fish. Seaweed. A sunken ship.
Ross: Things you find in the ocean. Oh! You're going to be on Pyramid!
Chandler: What did I marry into?


Ross: It matters to me!
Chandler: Why?
Ross: Because the night you kissed Rachel was the night I kissed Rachel for the very first time!
Chandler: You kissed her that night, too?
Monica: Two guys in one night? Wow, I thought she became a slut after she got her nose fixed.
Chandler: Seriously, where did this happen?
Ross: Okay, after you told me she was passed out in our room, I went in there to make sure she was all right. She was lying on my bed, all buried in people's coats. Well, I went to kiss her on the forehead, but it was so dark I accidentally got her lips. I started to pull away, but then I felt her start to kiss me back. It was only for a second, but it was amazing. And now... now I find out that you kissed her first!
Chandler: Uh, wait, what bed did you say she was on?
Ross: Mine.
Chandler: I'm pretty sure I put her on my bed.
Ross: No, she was definitely on my bed.
Chandler: Why would I kiss a girl and then put her on your bed?
Ross: Well, then who was on my bed?
Monica (horrified): Oh! Oh! Oh!
Ross (realizing): No! No! No!
Monica: Yes!
Ross: You were under the pile of coats?
Monica: I was the pile of coats! You were my midnight mystery kisser?
Ross: You were my first kiss with Rachel?
Monica: You were my first kiss ever?
Chandler: What did I marry into?

I also have a wee question to put to you, dear internets. Is it so wrong that I have had absolutely no desire to see Street Kings. That is until I saw that House Hugh Laurie was in it? I don't think I have shared my love of that show with you as of yet. It is deep. It burns with the fire of a thousand suns. (House is mean and sarcastic and I love him. Not that kind of love, but you know what I mean. I mean you should know what I mean. It's a mean love. I mean... stop confusing me!) I would go see this movie just because he's in it. It could be a bit part for all I know (it better not! or those directors are quite possibly stupid heads unintelligent.).

My husband is totally going to hold me to that.

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