Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not The Outcome I Was Expecting

My mom and I took the two younger boys out to lunch today. The plan was to grab lunch then check out the local nursery after. We were on the hunt for white wave petunias. For those of you who don't do the whole gardening thing there is a certain kind of petunia that spreads out like crazy. You commonly see them in purple, pink and red - for some reason white isn't readily available...

After learning that they do in fact have a white wave petunia (even though Lowe's a place that rhymes with Moe's said that there isn't such a thing) we headed out of the nursery. We were almost home free - not one thing trampled on, nothing broken and nobody crying - the very nice lady that had helpfully explained that our first mistake had been asking a Moe's employee any question stopped us at the gate.

Very Nice Lady: Can I give them (the boys) something?
Me: Sure?

VNL then offers to carry Liam (hope she had a back brace on) and gets Luc to follow her:

VNL: I've got kids of my own. I'm not a crazy.
Me: Ok.

Mom and I follow her inside to find that she has left the boys by a little fountain and has gone into a back room. VNL returns with 2 packets.
Me: (Thinking- how cool she's giving them seed packets or something)
VNL: Now they're starting to wake up, but if you take them home and put them in the refrigerator you can take them out for 1/2 an hour and release them into your yard this evening after dinner.
Me: (after taking a closer look) Ladybugs! How cool is that guys!

Boys are entranced and I have to grab them before Liam makes ladybug squishies.

Luc: (pulling out a nickel he had found on the ground) Mom can I use it?
Me: It's only a nickel buddy, it's not enough.
VNL: Let me have it and I'll get you one that will work.

She took Luc's nickel and traded it for a quarter so that he could get something out of the candy machine in the office.

Needless to say the boys were extremely pleased with their outing with Gramma and Mom.

My mom and I talked about that being a surefire way to get people to come back to your business again. It was awesome and so generous and it made my kids day.

So this evening we unleashed the beasts...


You can't quite see in the picture but the label says "1/3 cup of ladybugs approximately 1500".


Anxiously waiting


The calm before the storm (Liam really didn't care for the ladybugs outside of their little mesh bag. He eventually touched one with one finger. I consider that progress.)

Hopefully where they will do the most good.


Luc wasn't nearly as concerned over the bugs touching him...


All of the kids were involved and had a great time unleashing approximately 3000 ladybugs into gramma's garden.

Personally, I have never had the pleasure of releasing ladybugs like that. It was an interesting experience shaking them out of the bag into the kids hands and have the escapees crawling up my arms.

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