Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Falling off the wagon

Yep, thats right, Liam has fallen off the potty training band wagon.

He started treating his underwear like pull-ups 2 weeks ago. He started treating his pull-ups like diapers a week ago. We are officially starting potty training over.

"They" always say that you shouldn't potty train in the midst of big changes. Well in this case "They" were right. We knew it, but how do you stop a kid that's ready to potty train from potty training? I have initiated a return of the canny. That's right, bribery has once again reared it's ugly head.

The good news is that he is doing better about making it to the toilet.

The bad news is- well at this point I'm starting to imagine his wife having to give him canny...

That was so wrong.

In even better news - We are on night 2 of Liam keeping us up until all hours. He is having some serious breathing issues again. The first night was almost ER worthy. He's doing breathing treatments every 2 hours. So on top of him not being able to breathe he's all hopped up on albuterol.

To end on a happy note though, we took the kids to the dollar theater (love it!) to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Kids* loved it. Jon and I loved it. Friend E. loved it. (After watching the beginning of Enchanted with us last week she wasn't so sure of our movie picking capabilities.)

*In the interest of honesty - Liam wasn't that impressed. After he had spent most of the movie downing red vines and climbing from lap to lap he fell asleep. He whole heartedly endorses red vines though.

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