Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This too shall pass

My Husband is Leaving Me.
Abandonment Issues.
I Will Survive.

All are alternative titles that I tried out for this post. After I decided to stop throwing crazy amounts of guilt at my husband I came up with the current title. This too shall pass.

Sometimes that is the hardest concept to own. The idea that - yeah this isn't going to be fun, but it will be okay and in the end we will be together again. That might sound melodramatic from a woman who's husband has deployed twice to Iraq and has dealt with the raising of 3 and 4 kids all by her lonesome. I'm living with 3 other adults for pity sake! I know I am so blessed and I know it will be alright.

I just like my husband. I like to be with him. I'm pretty sure he likes to be with me. The kids seem to like him too. Who knew?

God had His hand in this. The time off from work fell into place. The decent airplane fair just fell into place.

He is also leaving for a good reason. He is heading back to Tennessee to help his Dad and Mom out (hi guys!). Jon's parents are working on the Clarksville house, getting it up to snuff to put on the market. Kind of cool that Jon's summer of construction work is going to be of use (again!). We are glad to share him but we will miss him and are in no way jealous. Really.

So for those of you in Tennessee and Kentucky:

Jon will be flying in this Wednesday and returning to us on Monday. If you want to get together with him leave a comment, send him an email or give him a call on his cell.

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