Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hypothetical Question

We took the kids out to "do something special" the other night. It was way too windy to do anything out of doors. Ice Cream was out. The kids turned their collective noses in the air at Jamba Juice. So we settled on churros at Rubio's. Best fast food churros around.

We've been toying on letting the government take us to Disneyland, using some of that mad economic stimulus money. While sitting in Rubio's I threw out the idea of giving the kids a choice and seeing what they would do. Does money talk? We were about to soon discover the answer to this question and many others. Well, not really. Just that first question.

So on our way home we decided to throw a hypothetical question at the kids. After explaining what hypothetical means - numerous times, we got down to the nitty gritty.

Us: Would you rather have a day at Disneyland or $50 in your pocket to spend on whatever you want?
Lach: That's too hard.
Laren: I just don't know.
Liam: Look! I have a booger!

In a moment of brilliance Jon gave them an idea of what fifty smackaroos could buy.

Jon: You could buy an ipod shuffle with 50 bucks. Like what A-1,2, & 3 have.
Lach: Aw man! Did you have to say that?
Laren: I just don't know.
Liam: I ate it.
Liam: ...
Liam: On accident.

I decide to get on Luc's level.

Me: That would buy a lot of Hubba Bubba, Luc.
Lucas: HUBBA BUBBA! Lots and lots of Hubba Bubba! I'd want the money!

Me to Jon: We could have offered him 5 bucks and gotten off a whole lot cheaper.

The workings of a 5 year old mind.

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